My passion for photography started in my early childhood. Being raised in Africa, I was inspired to capture the splendor of its scenery and wildlife; and the realization that emerged from reading store catalogs and magazines at breakfast during my teens, in that all those images had to be photographed by someone. The result lead to a career that started with my first job as a portrait photographer at 16. In 1980 I entered Sheridan College's commercial photography program, graduating in 1982 with the Canon award as top student.

From 1982-1989 I worked for various Production Studios within Toronto. Starting as an assistant photographer, and quickly becoming a senior photographer. While in the production environment all the images were captured in large format ranging from 4X5 to 11X14 film. In the late eighties and early nineties images were captured to final size. Pre-dating the digital world all photographs had to be precise in color, tonal values, lighting, and composition to prevent added production costs.

In 1988 I started my own studio "FBM Photography" and have worked for clients in all industries. FBM Photography was located on Mowat Ave (Downtown Toronto) from 1989-1997. In 1997 the studio was moved to a waterfront location in the Peterborough area. In 2001 the studio was relocated to Oakville, Cambridge, and now London (where it is currently located). While I have specialized in jewelry and small product photography, my work has also encompassed fashion, and industrial work.

A new chapter in photography started in 1997 with the commitment to switch from film to digital image capturing. In the early days of digital photography the learning curve was steep, and creative thinking was a must to produce images of acceptable quality. In today's commercial environment the quality of digital imaging has far surpased what was optainable on film. Now the only limitation is one's creativity.

In 2015 I launched a new studio site  Recognizing a need for a simple product photography  experience
I was inspired to create a new site which provided an easy solution to product photography. 


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